In order not to fall into disrepair when buying a mattress, the following points should be considered:


The mattress hardness is crucial for sleeping comfort and orthopedic storage of the spine. Too soft or hard mattress can significantly limit sleeping comfort and health.

There are five different degrees of hardness. Hardness 1 (H1) stands for a soft mattress and is suitable for light persons up to a body weight of 60 kg. Hardness 2 is the best-selling grade and is considered mediocre. It is suitable for people weighing up to 80 kg. Grade 3 is suitable for persons weighing from 80 kg to 110 kg. Who is heavier, should resort to the degree of hardness 4. These mattresses are firm as an underlay. Hardness grade 5 is suitable for all persons weighing between 110 kg and 140 kg. This degree of hardness stands for the hardest mattress.

Since many degrees of hardness only depend on body weight, the mattress should choose a degree of hardness higher if the feeling of lying is to be harder.

Sleeping type

65% of all people sleep on the site. 19% are back sleepers and 8% are abdominal sleepers or combined sleep types. Each type of sleep requires another mattress to keep the spine healthy.

Side sleepers

Side sleepers should resort to cold foam mattresses with seven lying zones or Visco mattresses. These mattresses have sufficient support of the spine and prevent lateral spinal curvature, neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain. A height of at least 18 cm is ideal, in order to offer the shoulder an optimal sinking depth.

Back sleepers

Back sleepers do not often move in their sleep. Often they stay in one and the same position throughout the night. Therefore, the mattress should adapt perfectly to the body while providing support.

A Visco mattress ensures excellent pressure relief and a pleasant feeling of lying thanks to its point elasticity. It also ensures a very good circulation.

Belly sleepers

Abdominal sleepers often suffer from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and poor blood circulation. Thus, the abdominal position is the unhealthiest sleeping posture there is.

To keep the symptoms low, abdominal sleepers should resort to pocket spring mattresses.

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